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With the sounds of greek and overseas hits, akanthus is the hottest place to have fun from morning to evening. Make your reservation easy and fast, finding information on night clubs (bouzouki, golf equipment), shapes and days available on our web site. Akanthus Summer Time Club managed to mix everything from espresso and snack lounges to cocktails and distinctive occasions that monopolized our summer evenings for another season, shifting alimos coast as one of the hottest summer time hotspots.

But in essence, it is a store that is equivalent to the phrase summer, as in anyplace where it was housed, it managed to build an everlasting audience that established it as an absolute all-day bar-restaurant. Her message is heard all over the world under the slogan ‘love once more’. That was on 29 August at his mild stay at
Akanthus stage in athens. The concept creator of rumors is now at the peak of his profession with guest appearances at the most exclusive clubs and biggest festivals on the planet, his name being synonymous with high quality dance music.

During the summer season, a lot of the great golf equipment move out to the seaside – names to look out for embodying balux in glyfada. Make your reservation online from the site and book a privileged table so you can enjoy with your company the concept of true clubbing on the seaside. It is the largest online booking site for night clubs in Athens as well as selected leisure trips.

Among the names we have seen on stage, the Constantine Silver, Demy, Eleni Foureira and many other artists. Guy Gerber on the decks of the # 1 nightclub in athens – #lohannightclub. Learn the shapes and available days of the shops. The madwalk 2019 took place on the evening of the second, April 1, and all the glamorous faces of Greek slumber were gathered at the Olympic fencing center.

Artists, singers, models, actors, everyone was there for the great evening of music and fashion. This seashore bar is fully equipped with a restaurant and bar and swimming and sports services. The song has a total of nearly 500,000 views on youtube and of course is expected for a summer international success. The beloved singer dionisis sxoinas, just before he began his winter performances on the new stage of Akanthus live “(ex vox), he held a farewell live performance in a glamorous closing act in the framework of the profitable greek royal” social gathering in akanthus summer “.

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